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So you're headed to Uluwatu? Here are a few things you can do to make the most of your trip!


If you’re into surfing then you will undoubtedly already feel like a kid in a sweet shop. With the surfing Mecca of the Bali on your doorstep. There are waves to suit all styles and abilities so make sure that you do your research first to find the one that suits you best. From your doorstep, you can casually wander to Bingin or Impossibles surf breaks.

Where you can be rewarded with glass bottom waves over a reef (very shallow around low tide). Make sure you always check the tides online and speak to local surfers if you are unsure of anything. 

If you would like a gentler wave option then you can check the

surrounding spots of Baby Padang- Padang, Thomas Beach and

Dreamland. If you are new to surfing and would like to arrange a lesson with a local instructor then please speak to a member of our staff or ask some of the local vendors on the beach. For surfboard rental enquire at Lucky Fish Lounge.



Uluwatu was made famous to the Western world in the 1970’s and "discovered" as a surfing destination in 1972, due to the making of ‘Morning of the Earth’ a 1971 classic surf film. There are various spots to watch the impressive Uluwatu surf from along the cliff that surrounds Suluban Beach from the famous ‘Single Fin’ to cheap and tasty local warungs.

Asides from world-class surf, Uluwatu hosts the renowned Uluwatu Temple, nestled eloquently on the edge of a 230 ft cliff. The monkeys here are equally as notorious, passing their 

stealing skills down from one generation to the next, so watch 

your belongings here.


The Kecak dance which is performed every

day at 6 pm, is a traditional performance not to be missed.

*Please take care if surfing Uluwatu around high tide - the currents become very strong and the paddle in and out of the cave can get very precarious, always ask a savvy surfer before attempting to paddle out here.



If you have been paying attention then you have almost certainly seen the iconic 122m tall statue of a Garuda (a mythical eagle and the National emblem of Indonesia), when entering the Bukit. It is officially the 15th largest monument in the world. Stroll around the 60 hectares of GWK’s Cultural Park and gardens and marvel at Bali’s most iconic landmark. Fun facts - the statue stands higher than the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer and depicts the Hindu God Wisnu.

The Garuda symbolises Indonesia’s freedom from oppression.



Whether it's snorkelling, spearfishing, diving, swimming or just

laying in the sun Bingin has enough choices of adventures to keep you happy forever. Ask the staff about surf board, (SUP) stand up paddle board & snorkel gear rental.

water sports


Take a walk to Padang Padang or Dreamland Beach, and enjoy the marvels of the seaweed fringed caves and carved cliffs. Please be sure to always check the tide times and walk at low tide to avoid the risk of having to swim or get a taxi back.



If adventure is your thing, then you can take to the sky with

an instructor and go paragliding. With a few locations on the Bukit, they can normally cater for most seasons and weather conditions.



Uluwatu is home to the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Famous

for surng, not all of them are great for swimming, but they are

all beautiful. Some of our favourites include Bingin Beach,

Padang Padang, Nyang Nyang and Thomas Beach. Spending

time at the beach is one of the best things to do in Uluwatu Bali. Most beaches require taking quite a few steps to access the beaches at the bottom of the cliffs. The closest beach currently with driving access to the bottom is Nyang Nyang Beach. And as always, watch out for the monkeys.



If you want to spend a couple of hours of the day relaxing,

we have the brand new Bale Bingin Beachfront Massage only

a few steps from your room.


Please whatsapp +62 812 4619 7850  or ask at reception to book your favourite treatment!

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